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November 2014 ArticlesNovember 2014 Articles

21 Nov

Why do I need Lightroom when I have Bridge?

Doesn't Bridge do the same things?

No it doesn't.

Bridge doesn’t have a brain.

Bridge is a great pair of eyes wearing night vision goggles. Bridge sees things that the Explorer or Finder can’t.

Adobe Bridge equals night vision goggles

Bridge can preview your raw photos, and read all of the image metadata.

Bridge can also preview the image edits you make with Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw.

Graphic designers love Bridge because it can see the contents inside of all kinds of Adobe files without having to open them. For example, Bridge can view all the pages in a multi page PDF file. It can also see the swatches, fonts and linked images inside of an InDesign or Illustrator file.

Bridge doesn’t remember these things though. It just looks at them.

The edits you make to an image using Adobe Camera Raw are stored in a separate file on your hard drive. We call this file a “sidecar”. The sidecar edit file has the extension .xmp. Bridge hides these files, but you can view them with your Explorer of Finder.

If you loose the sidecar file, you loose your edits. Bridge can’t remember them.


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20 Nov

Can I rename my Catalog?


Yes you can rename your catalog, but it requires renaming several items.

Quit out of Lightroom

Rename the catalog folder, and everything inside of the folder that shares the same name.

If you see extensions in the file name, (anything after a period) make sure to leave them in tact.

rename lightroom catalog

After renaming your catalog, double click on the renamed Lightroom catalog file to open Lightroom.


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19 Nov

Can I Move My Lightroom Catalog

Yes. Here's How.

Moving your catalog could be a good thing.

Although your catalog is just a brain, and not a bucket, it can still grow to be a fairly large size. Moving it off of your startup drive and onto another drive, even an external one will free up space for your operating system.

Make sure you have quit out of Lightroom.

Find your catalog on the hard drive and then copy the entire Catalog folder to the new location.

how to move a Lightroom Catalog

After copying the catalog, double click on the copied Lightroom catalog file to open Lightroom.

Go to your Lightroom preferences to set which catalog Lightroom should open automatically. On a PC you will find Catalog Settings under the Edit tab. On a Mac you find it under the Lightroom tab. By default Lightroom automatically opens the most recently used catalog. If you have multiple catalogs, you can choose a specific catalog in this drop down list.

Lightroom startup catalog

Quit Lightroom.

Delete the original catalog in your pictures folder on your startup drive.


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18 Nov

Where is My Lightroom Catalog?

Probably in Your Pictures Folder

The very first time you launch the Lightroom application, a catalog is automatically created in your Pictures folder. The catalog is created before you even begin importing images.

Lightroom does not prompt you to create this catalog, which is unfortunate, because you don't have the opportunity to pick a place for the catalog, or give it a custom name.

If you've never moved or renamed your catalog, it is probably still in your pictures folder, inside of a folder  with the name "Lightroom".

Lightroom in Pictures Folder

While in Lightroom you can find your catalog by going to your Catalog Settings. On a PC you will find Catalog Settings under the Edit tab. On a Mac you find it under the Lightroom tab. The path to your currently open catalog is listed at the top of the General tab in Catalog Settings.

Lightroom Catalog Settings

You can go directly to the catalog file on your hard drive by clicking the “Show” button.


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17 Nov

What is a Lightroom Catalog?

Lightroom Is A Brain

Lightroom is a Brain

A Lightroom catalog is a brain. Every time you add something to your Catalog you teach it something new.

When you import photos, the catalog learns a lot about your images. It learns where they are located, what they look like, and what they are named. It also sees the metadata written inside the file by your camera. Lightroom stores all of this information into it's brain.

Lightroom remembers what you teach it.

Lightroom is not a bucket

Lightroom is not a bucket to collect and hold your photos.


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