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24 May

How To Determine Which Lightroom Catalog You Have Open

Don't lose track of your work

In my teaching, and spending time in the Adobe forums I see people struggling with this. They open Lightroom and all the work done on a previous day has some how been lost, and they are certain Lightroom is at fault. Of course Lightroom is not at fault. They've simply opened a different catalog than the one previously worked in. 

I recorded this video to explain how to figure out what catalog you have open.


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17 May

How to Sync and Share Lightroom Collections Online

With Lightroom Creative Cloud you can share Collections online, directly from Lightroom. You don't need to use publish services, you don't need a website or hosting service, and you don't even have to export jpeg images. Watch the short video to see how easy it is.

This is a slide show of the collection featured in the video. It is embedded here directly from the online synced collection. You can find a slide show embed code by going to the collection private link, and looking under the share option.

LR collection embed code

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