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17 Nov

What is a Lightroom Catalog?

Lightroom Is A Brain

Lightroom is a Brain

A Lightroom catalog is a brain. Every time you add something to your Catalog you teach it something new.

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05 Jun

Posterize Edits with Lightroom 5

Editing on the wild side

Under the Hood of Tone Curve Posterization

I stumbled into this style of posterized Lightroom edits after doing a daily photo edit for a month and a half. Perhaps I was getting a little bored with my daily edit challenge. From the beginning I was hoping to discover something new, as outined here.

Funny thing though, this techinque really isn't new. I first learned how to posterize an image using the tone curve on a Scitex machine in the early 90's, before I knew anything about Photoshop. I hadn't thought about doing it with Lightroom until I ran out of Develop Module tools to explore.

I've created quite a few of these images, and I am still enjoying the process. That's probably because I'm still discovering new things about it. 

Crazy Color Edit

Queen Califia's Magic Circle

This image is where I really started to bend the rules and the tone curve. The circular color shapes are added with color balance adjustments in a radial filter, but the crazy colors start by bending theTone Curve.

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21 May

Below The Empire State Building

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Daily Quick Edit

Empire State Building

New York, NY - July 2013

I fell off the wagon with my Daily Quick Edits. I could kick myself about it, and get discouraged, and decide to quit, but I decided to just keep moving forward. Life happens and sidetracks us sometimes.

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01 Mar

Desert Beauty

Daily Quick Edit

Borrego Springs

Borrego Springs, March 2010

The desert is beautiful.

I've always been attracted to the desert's beauty. What I love about this photograph is the contrast between the jagged edges of the desert canyon and the fluffy, cotton candy clouds.

28 Feb

Personal Project Outline

Daily Quick Edit


me at Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines State Park - on my birthday, January 1st, 2009

I’ve decided to start a daily creative commitment on March 1st. I’m excited about where it might lead, and what I might discover about myself.


The idea came out of my teaching. Through teaching, I’ve learned to appreciate how easy it is for me to evaluate and edit an image. I can edit really fast. With Lightroom, I can have almost any image looking okay within a couple minutes, or less.

If I can do it that easy, then why aren't I creating a lot more images? This is the question I have been pondering. The truth is that I love editing, but when I am editing an image to share with others, I worry too much about whether or not the image is any good to begin with.

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10 Nov

Washington DC

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Capitol Tour


The US Capitol is a must see for anyone visiting DC. 

US Capital

The public tour runs like a well oiled machine, possibly the only thing within these walls that runs so well.

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10 Nov

Washington DC

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Lincoln's legacy is a huge part of the Washington DC narrative. He is everywhere. This is window screen at the Lincoln Museum accross the street from Ford's Theater.

Lincoln Museum

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07 Aug

Rose Garden

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There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.
– Ansel Adams

Sometimes I just want to make a pretty picture for the sake of it being pretty. Does that make it a fuzzy concept? This is the question I explore with the Rose Garden series.

Rose Garden

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27 Jul

Animated Pattern

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First attempt

My husband and a friend suggested that my current pattern themed body of work would lend itself well to animation. Well that it is an uncharted territory that I am willing to explore. For starters I created this animated giff.

18 Apr

Las Palmas, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

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My camera helps me see details and abstractions in the scenes I might otherwise forget. I love photographing these kinds of images, and they always end up being some of my favorites, regardless of where they were captured. 

These detail images were all taken at Las Palmas or along the beach near by.

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