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27 Jan

Comic Product Graphics

How to Convert Inked Comics to Vector Art

image of Etched Pint Glass

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Pint Glass for sale at

The graphics for this licensed product started with a black and white inked comic drawing. Comics are illustrated and inked on paper. The inked illustration is then scanned to a high resolution tiff file. The tiff file must be converted to vector art for product graphics like this.

Illustrator has some built in settings that make this conversion simple and easy to do. Here are the steps to create a clean vector art dawing from an inked comic tiff.

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07 Jan

Illustrator Image Links

Beginner Tutorial For Placing Images In Adobe Illustrator

The first thing I do when I client sends me a jpeg logo is complain. I try not to complain out loud. My clients just want me to take care of it. They don’t want to hear me complain. Still I admit sometimes I get aggravated. There are so many people in sales and marketing that don’t understand why their jpeg logo is worthless for printing. Here’s an article I wrote to help explain why, When Vector Art is Really Vector.

Next I explain that the jpeg logo will not print satisfactorily and I asked for a vector eps file. Sometimes all I have to do is ask, and my client sends me the correct file. Sometimes my client can’t locate a vector version of their logo. When this happens I take these three steps to solve the problem.

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