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January 2014


New York City July 2013

From my earliest memories, I looked forward to someday visiting New York City. I finally made it there this past summer. My camera went everywhere I did, documenting the experience in photos. These are the highlights.
Theresa Jackson
January 29, 2014
44 St BarTravel

Odds and Ends

This is my last set of NYC images, the leftover odds and ends. For whatever reason they didn't fit into a previous group, but I think they are worth sharing anyway.Yankee StadiumWe went to a Yankee game on our first…
Theresa Jackson
January 29, 2014
The Little LebowskiTravel

The Details

These are the kinds of photographs I enjoy taking the most.NYC is a huge, complex, busy place and it requires a wide angle view to capture a sense of the place and space. Being that it was my first visit,…
Theresa Jackson
January 27, 2014
Washington Square ParkTravel

City Parks

There are over 8 million people living in New York City, mostly in apartments or condos without yards. Public parks are therefore an important necessity.The parks are lush and colorful, with a power to transform the city landscape.Washington Square ParkWashington…
Theresa Jackson
January 24, 2014
High Line Park on the phoneTravel


I am not in my comfort zone photographing people. It feels too voyeristic.  Though I enjoy meeting new people, especially those who are different than me, I am never interested in someone else's business unless they invite me into it. New…
Theresa Jackson
January 21, 2014
NYC Taxi CabTravel

Taxi Cabs

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR A LARGER VIEW.New York City is colored golden yellow with spots like a Seurat painting.The NYC cab may be as iconic as the Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge.There are so many taxis on the road that all other…
Theresa Jackson
January 17, 2014
NYC SkylineTravel

Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. The Island was closed for repairs until July 4th, 2013. We were fortunate enough to visit five days after the island reopened. Everything was clean, and polished, and…
Theresa Jackson
January 12, 2014
NYC CrowdTravel

It’s Crowded in NYC

Yes, it is crowded in New York City. Everyone knows that.I must have been mentally prepared for the congestion, because I never really thought about it, and never felt the crush of people when I was there. Maybe that was…
Theresa Jackson
January 1, 2014