Spanish Village Gallery 21 Shadows

Spanish Village Balboa Park, Gallery 21 – November, 2011

I spent way too much time trying to crop this image, because I was hung up on the rule of thirds rule. Composition rules are helpful, especially for beginners, but they can get in the way too.

When I get hung up on an edit I ask myself, “What did I see when I took this, and what do I like about it?” Obvioulsy I was drawn to the light coming in the window, but I also liked the division of two spaces, the outside world full of color and the inside space defined by black and white shapes and lines. As soon as I answered my own question I knew the vertical line of the wall needed to go right down the center. I ended up not cropping much at all off of the original capture.

This is a great reminder that I need to trust my own vision and not get hung up on rules.