Learn the Lightroom Ecosystem

By January 11, 2020Uncategorized

Lightroom is an amazing, powerful family of applications. Understanding what, why and how to use Lightroom is confusing. In part because there are so many different versions, and they are so similarly named.

There are two different Lightroom desktop applications (Lightroom and Lightroom Classic), Lightroom for your phone, Lightroom for iPad and even Lightroom on the web. This family of apps make up the Lightroom ecosystem. I recorded this LinkedIn Learning course to help you understand how they all work together. You can watch the course for free at LinkedIn Learning if you are a premium LinkedIn member, or you can purchase the course with this link.

Learning the Lightroom Ecosystem

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Please let me know your thoughts after you watch the course. How will you use the Lightroom ecosystem to manage, edit and share your photos?