Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

This project was part of a team assignment in the MSIDT program. A storyboard, design document, and flowchart was blindly provided by a classmate. I created the lesson in Captivate by following my classmate’s documents.


  • Captivate
  • Photoshop


This was created for a team prototype project. We were anonymously paired with a classmate who provided a design document, storyboard, flowchart, and image assets. It was our job to produce the interactive product from the information provided. We could not reach out and ask questions about the information provided. The storyboards I was provided did not include design direction, and many of the provided graphics required reformatting. The cover image graphic is too low a resolution for the intended use but this is what I was provided with.

The drag and drop functionality required conditional states and advanced programming. Audio was not required for the assignment but I was provided a script, so I recorded the narrated audio.


I designed the slide layouts, formatted all of the graphics, recorded the audio narration, and built the lesson with Captivate.