2018 Year in Review

2018 was an exceptional year. This Adobe Spark page tells the story and includes a lot of the photography I captured during the year. The cover image is from Tuscany Italy. See 2017 Year in Review See 2016 Year in…
Theresa Jackson
January 8, 2019

Christmas Card 2018

May Your Christmas be a Major Award Our 2018 Christmas card is inspired by a Jackson family favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. Together we recreated this scene from the movie, when Dad Parker and the whole family drinks in…
Theresa Jackson
December 8, 2018

Italy 2018

Spark Page Travelogue My husband Blaise and I spent an amazing thirteen days in Italy. It was our first time there, and a trip I had dreamt about for years. It filled me in ways that are hard to describe.…
Theresa Jackson
August 17, 2018
Sketch Day 1 Inspiration

30 Day Drawing Challenge

I keep commitments, even ones made with myself. When my girlfriend Carey suggested I do a 30 day challenge with her I said, "it would be good for me to draw for 30 days, but I'm not going to make…
Theresa Jackson
February 21, 2018