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Photoshop Virtual Summit 5 FAQs

By September 12, 2023Photoshop
Photoshop Virtual Summit 5 logo graphic

Thank you for your interest in the Photoshop Virtual Summit 5. I’ve received a number of questions about the summit so I am providing answers here.

Q: What are the details on the Summit?
A: It’s October 30 – November 3, 2023. 20 expert Photoshop instructors teaching 40 classes – over 30 hours of content!

Q: Can I really watch for free?
A: Yes, after each class goes live you can watch it for 48 hours. After that it gets archived into the VIP Member area.

Q: How do I get a free pass to watch?
A: Click here and click on the “free ticket” button.

Q: Is this summit going to be different that the previous ones?
A: Photoshop continues to evolve with new tools and functions. The classes we’ll cover new stuff, and key tips and techniques that are always important to learn. You may see some class names that sound familiar, but each session is newly created to show you the latest techniques.

Q: What about time zones? It’ll be really early/late/middle of the night where I live.
A: The classes are not broadcast live, so you don’t miss anything if you can’t watch it at the time on the schedule. Those times are simply when the classes are made available to watch for the first time.

Q: How long is each class?
A: Classes are typically 45 – 50 minutes in length.

Q: Will the classes apply to me?
A: We have sessions aimed at all levels of Photoshop users, from beginners to veteran users. And with the optional VIP Pass, you have lifetime access to watch the classes, so down the road you can watch sessions that might be a little over your head at the time of the Summit.

Q: If I can watch for free, why is there a VIP Pass?
A: The VIP Pass is for people who know that they won’t be able to watch all of the classes they want to, and who want to be able to re-watch the classes as often as they like, well after the Summit is over.

Q: What’s the benefit of purchasing a VIP Pass?
A: Along with the lifetime access to re-watch classes, VIP Members also get access to:

  • audio recordings
  • instructor-provided class notes
  • downloadable files
  • some additional bonuses

Q: What does it cost for the VIP Pass?
A: The regular price is $159, but from now up until Noon (EDT) on October 30th, the Early Bird price is $99.


Let me know if you have any further questions I can answer.

I am very excited to be teaching at this summit alongside some of the best Photoshop trainers in the world. It’s going to be an amazing week of education from some of the top Photoshop instructors in the world! I hope you can join us.