Illustrator Branding Design with Mulitple Artboards IllustratorTutorial

Multiple Artboards Part 2

I use Illustrator’s Align tools with every project. The Align to Artboard function is my favorite, because it is a fast and accurate way to center objects on a layout. To work correctly, Align to Artboard needs an artboard that…
Theresa Jackson
April 15, 2011
labels IllustratorTutorial

Ilustrator Mulitple Art Boards

Illustrator multiple art boards were first introduced with Illustrator CS4. I am a long time user of both Illustrator and InDesign. Initially I thought, what’s the point of having mulitple art boards, I can use InDesign for that. Sometimes old…
Theresa Jackson
March 28, 2011
image of Etched Pint Glass IllustratorTutorial

Comic Product Graphics

TM & © 2011 Marvel EntertainmentPint Glass for sale at www.taverncraft.com.The graphics for this licensed product started with a black and white inked comic drawing. Comics are illustrated and inked on paper. The inked illustration is then scanned to a…
Theresa Jackson
January 27, 2011