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Travel photography sprinkled with a few reflections.


Italy 2018

Spark Page Travelogue My husband Blaise and I spent an amazing thirteen days in Italy. It was our first time there, and a trip I had dreamt about for years. It filled me in ways that are hard to describe.…
Theresa Jackson
August 17, 2018
Venice Beach MuralTravel

815 Venice Beach

Venice Beach, Ca. - November, 2012Murals are always fun to photograph. I like the graphic qualities of this one. Who's looking at who here? The eyeball in the mural makes me feel like there must be people in those windows…
Theresa Jackson
April 2, 2014
National Museum of the American Indian StatueTravel

Allies in War, Partners in Peace

Allies in War, Partners in Peace National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. - December, 2013I photograph a lot of public art. Are these photographs documents of someone else's art, or art themselves?
Theresa Jackson
March 29, 2014
Las Palmas, Playa Blanca MexicoTravel

Fire Ring or Holy Place

Playa Blanca, Zihuatanejo Mexico - February 2011This was photographed shortly after sunrise while on vacation in Mexico. I love the ocean and I love photographing the ocean. There is something spiritual about it.
Theresa Jackson
March 16, 2014
Transamerica Pyramid, San FranciscoTravel

Transamerica Pyramid

Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco, Ca. - March 30th, 2012I've been to San Francisco many times, but this is the only occasion that I found myself stading directly under the Transamerica building. I'm glad that I had my camera with me.
Theresa Jackson
March 14, 2014