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June 2010

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When Vector Art Is Really Vector

Vector versus Bitmap When designing anything for print it is important to understand the difference between vector and bitmap. This is especially important for large or wide format. Vector art is completely scalable to any size without pixelating. Bitmap files…
Theresa Jackson
June 23, 2010

When To Work For Free

I’ve done a lot of work for free or at a reduced rate. Hindsight says maybe that wasn’t always a good idea. The truth is that I learned many lessons from those experiences and they weren’t all bad. So I…
Theresa Jackson
June 17, 2010


Orchard View Color is a place to share creative ideas with explanations on how to execute them. The digital world requires technical solutions for creative ideas. I create and design for a variety of applications. Print applications alone vary from…
Theresa Jackson
June 7, 2010