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Personal reflections for creative inspiration.

Christmas Tree Card IllustrationInspiration

Merry Christmas

May the Radiant Reflective Glow of Christmas Brighten Your Spirit, and Make Bright Your Path in the Coming YearThis year marks a milestone. For the last decade (11 cards total) I have created a custom Christmas card which gets printed, signed,…
Theresa Jackson
December 24, 2014
York Street SubwayInspiration

York Street Subway

New York, New York - July, 2013For this edit I wanted to evoke something cold and impersonal without loosing the energy and eccentricities of the subway.Did I succeed?
Theresa Jackson
June 3, 2014
Lincoln MemorialInspiration

Golden Lincoln

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC - July, 2014This is my second attempt at a Lincoln image. I wasn't very happy with the first one. For this technique, I definitely think less is more. I really like how this one turned out.
Theresa Jackson
May 23, 2014