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Personal reflections for creative inspiration.

Parking Lot AbstractInspiration

Parking Lot Abstract

UCSD Extension Parking, San Diego, Ca. – January, 2013I was in the mood for an abstract today. One of the benefits of having an organized Lightroom catalog is that it's easy to find groups of images using Smart Collections, assuming…
Theresa Jackson
April 15, 2014
Butterfly at the Safari ParkInspiration

Butterfly Challenge

Safari Park, San Diego, Ca. – April, 2014I filled a 16GB memory card photographing butterflies. I wasn't very sucessful but I had fun trying. I also learned a lot from my mistakes, and look forward to trying it again.
Theresa Jackson
April 15, 2014
Cubist Widnow ReflectionsInspiration

Cubist Reflections

San Diego, Ca. - April, 2014I love the fluffy clouds contrasting with the square windows and how the reflection of palm trees gets broken up. I also really like the square shape street light reflected in the lower right.
Theresa Jackson
April 8, 2014