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Looking Up In NYC

By November 23, 2013May 25th, 2018Travel
Rockefeller Center

This was my first time in NYC, so I guess it’s no surprise that I spent a lot of time looking up.


Ernst & Young Time Square

The vertical scale of the city is so hard to capture. 


Every time I looked up it presented a completely different view. This was captured on the South East corner of Central Park, where we were waiting to start a walking tour. The birds kept fleeing and returning to this lightpost. I wouldn’t have even noticed the security cameras watching me if I hadn’t looked up to see the birds.

Central Park and Grand Army

This was photographed from the same location, only looking South. The hotel on the right is covered in a printed mesh scrim while it undergoes renovation.

57th and 5th

NYC is as architecturally diverse as the people who live and travel there. Modern glass apartments coexist with old brick and stone  buildings.

NYC new

I prefer the older buildings and I hope the city makes it a priority to keep and restore them.

old and new

NYC old

One option is to build new modern skyscrapers on top of the old, as was done for the Hearst Tower.

Hearst Tower

I wasn’t wowed by the Trump Tower. I expected something more. The bronze glass panes just looked tacky to me. I like the reflections on the side of the building more than the building itself.

Trump Tower

I spent a lot of time looking up even when I was inside. This is St. Patricks Cathedral, undergoing a major renovation. You can see scaffolding in the upper right of this image.

St. Patricks Cathedral

Rockefeller Center seemed much smaller than I had imagined. I did enjoy seeing all the flags. This is the flag of Luxembourg with the United States.

Rockefeller Center

I took many classic shots of Lady Liberty from the front of the Island, but I especially like this view of her torch seen while looking up through the trees.

Statue Of Liberty