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March 2014

National Museum of the American Indian StatueTravel

Allies in War, Partners in Peace

Allies in War, Partners in Peace National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. - December, 2013I photograph a lot of public art. Are these photographs documents of someone else's art, or art themselves?
Theresa Jackson
March 29, 2014
Do You See What I See ShadowInspiration

Do You See What I See?

Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, Ca. - June, 2013I love how shadows can take on identities detached from the subject that they are cast from. Do you see tree branches or do you see something hanging in a tree?…
Theresa Jackson
March 28, 2014
Ceramic Peppers in Old TownInspiration

Ceramic Peppers

Old Town San Diego, Ca. - September, 2007This image was captured as a jpeg, because it predates my knowledge of the raw image format. Back then I wouldn't call myself a photographer, even though I took a lot of photos…
Theresa Jackson
March 25, 2014
Sculpture by James Russel DetailInspiration

Abstracts in the Sky

Sculpture by James Russel, Greenwich Drive, San Diego - April, 2013This sculpture sits in front of the building where I teach Photoshop classes for UCSD Extension. Often I arrive early for class, which gives me time to take some photos…
Theresa Jackson
March 24, 2014
Fall Light in Rancho Sa n PasqualInspiration

Fall Light

Rancho San Pasqual - August, 2011We all love the golden hour, when the late afternoon sun paints everything a warm color. Capturing golden painted objects is relatively easy, but capturing the light itself can be elusive.The subject of this photo…
Theresa Jackson
March 23, 2014