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Odds and Ends

By January 29, 2014May 25th, 2018Travel
44 St Bar

This is my last set of NYC images, the leftover odds and ends. For whatever reason they didn’t fit into a previous group, but I think they are worth sharing anyway.

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

We went to a Yankee game on our first night in the city. Sitting in the “cheap seats”, we cheered for the game of baseball. The Yankee fans treated us well, appreciating our love of the game, regardless of our opinions of their team.

We even got our very own Derek Jeter Bobble Head dolls.

Yankee Stadium

I waited patiently for the sun to set hoping it would paint the buildings orange. Just as the sun started down, the clouds rolled in. We only saw a fleeting few minutes of orange sky.

Yankee Stadium Rain

The rain came shortly after.

Iconic Buildings

New Yorker Hotel

The New Yorker Hotel

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

Apple Store NYC

The Apple Store

44 St Bar

I’m not sure if this counts as iconic, but it looks like it should.

Times Square

Times Square Shopping

Girls just want to shop.

Battery Park

Leaving Battery Park

The view as we headed to Liberty Island


York Street Subway

York Street Station with moving train.

Empire State Building

Looking down from the Empire State Building

I love the graphic quality of the streets and buildings when viewed from above.

Looking down from the Empire State Building

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patricks Cathedral Lady Chappel

Lady Chappel.

I really didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures inside of the Cathedral but I did it anyway, and I’m happy that I did.