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Zihuatanejo Mexico

By February 8, 2011May 25th, 2018Travel
dirt road

Hotel Las Palmas is located on Playa Blanca (white beach), about 15 minutes South of Zihuatenejo. The resort is down a dirt road behind the airport. The road takes you to the beach, and a small handfull of residences and resorts that are located there.

dirt road

This is the road as you enter Hotel Las Palmas. I’m not even sure it has a name.

beach walk

The beach is long, sandy, mostly clean and mostly empty. We took nice long walks in the morning.


dead porpoise

The most activity we saw were buzzards feeding on a dead porpoise.


We saw a number of live porpoises swimming close to shore too. Unfortunately I wasn’t too successful at photographing them.

beach house

beach house 2

There are a number of residences that look uninhabited but may not be.

resort construction

We saw one new resort under construction. It’s interesting to note the limited use of wood and complete absence of dry wall. The buildings are constructed with rebar, stone block and cement. The only wood is rough, unfinished logs used for accents and roofing.

empty roadside building

abandoned restaurant

From the dirt roadside we saw empty structures like these that may have once been restaurants.

playa blanca south

At the very south end of the beach, at the base of the small hill in this picture is a town called Barra De Potosi.

Barra De Potosi

It is a very small quiant town that obviously survives on tourists who eat at the beach front restaurants. The town must barely be surviving because we saw almost no one there.

restaurant decorations

The restaurant patio covers are decorated with colored crepe paper. In the background are all the empty plastic chairs and tables.

restaurant owner

Here is a restaurant owner trying to get our attention after we had already eaten at a neighbor restaurant.


We did see van loads of tourists from Ixtapa who boarded this boat for a trip around the lagoon. I thought the boat might get stuck on a sand bar. There were some really large gringos in this group and the water is only about 2 feet deep. The whole scene amused us. Ixtapa is an Americanized touristy city without a lot of local culture. We guessed the van outing must be a common way to get a little “Safe” taste of Mexico, though I have to say we never felt unsafe while we were there.

Playa Blanca North

This is another look of the Playa Blanca looking Northwest. Each day provided a new beautiful scene.

beautiful ocean

I love this picture. I might even have to make a big print of it.

north beach

This one is pretty nice too. Both pictures were taken on our final morning at Playa Blanca.

private beach sunset

This is Hotel Las Palmas private beach taken at sundown. Barra De Potosi is in the background.

another sunset

Another sunset picture – because I never get tired of beautiful sunsets.