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Zihuatanejo Mexico

By February 20, 2011May 25th, 2018Travel
old white dudes

I love Mexican culture, probably because I grew up in San Diego. I love Mexican food, Mexican beer and margaritas. I love the bold colors of Mexican art. I also respect the people and how hard they work at any job to support their families.

water bottle fishing line

These guys are fishing with fishing line wrapped around plastic bottles.

orange bar

Margarita time! I loved the colors of this beach front bar.

thatched umbrellas

I’d love to have one of these thatched umbrellas in my back yard.

pink house

This is a section of the bay walkway where locals always congregated. I’m not sure why. I took quite a few pictures in this area because I liked the pink hotel.

fishing boats

The beach is lined with small fishing boats. The local fisherman take these small boats out to the ocean and fish overnight. Each returns at sunrise with the catch of the day. From our hotel balcony we could see the small boats arriving in the morning. The would approach the beach at full speed and literally drive their boat up onto the sand.

fish for sale

The fresh catch is laid out on blankets and offered for sale. When walking by this area you can smell the fish before you see them.

fish cleaning

The woman behind the counter is cleaning the fish and I’m guessing the couple are restaurant owners shopping for menu items.

bracelet craftsman

There are locals everywhere carrying trinkets and jewelry for sale. They all tell you that the creation is their own. A ten year old girl sold us a painted bowl and swore she painted it herself. It’s hard to believe most of them, but this gentleman sold us a woven bracelet that he made while we watched.


It took him less than 10 minutes to weave the letters in this bracelet.


I think this store owner could use some help with product merchandising.

This is one of my favorite pictures. These guys aren’t Mexican and they sure don’t look like tourists. I’d love to know their stories. I spotted them sitting at this bar when we first started walking the town. I wanted to take their picture but felt uncomfortable doing so. About two hours later we passed by them again still in the same exact spots. This time I knew I had to take the picture. The funny thing is that the old guys never noticed me, but the bartender sure gave me the evil eye.