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Christmas Tree Card IllustrationInspiration

Merry Christmas

May the Radiant Reflective Glow of Christmas Brighten Your Spirit, and Make Bright Your Path in the Coming YearThis year marks a milestone. For the last decade (11 cards total) I have created a custom Christmas card which gets printed, signed,…
Theresa Jackson
December 24, 2014
rename lightroom catalogLightroomTutorial

Can I rename my Catalog?

Yes you can rename your catalog, but it requires renaming several items.Quit out of LightroomRename the catalog folder, and everything inside of the folder that shares the same name.If you see extensions in the file name, (anything after a period)…
Theresa Jackson
November 20, 2014
Lightroom Catalog SettingsLightroomTutorial

Where is My Lightroom Catalog?

The very first time you launch the Lightroom application, a catalog is automatically created in your Pictures folder. The catalog is created before you even begin importing images.Lightroom does not prompt you to create this catalog, which is unfortunate, because…
Theresa Jackson
November 18, 2014